In the darkest hours of night, vampires stalk their prey, intoxicated by the scent of blood.

Whether they’re bloodsucking fiends, savage beasts, or lords of darkness, the vampires in this collection of paranormal romances and urban fantasies by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors will satisfy your bloodlust and vampire cravings.

Because all too often…love bites. 


Featuring vampire stories by:

Monica Corwin
Margo Bond Collins
Angel Kulig
Jen Ponce
Elizabeth Dunlap
Mirren Hogan
Leigh Kelsey
Beth Hogan
Tricia Schneider
Amir Lane
Selene Kallan
Jamie Campbell
Zoe Forward
C.K. Dawn
D.J. Shaw
Fatima Fayez

Caia Daniels