Darkness Unbound

Covert op partners Astrid Scarre and Kane Langford click on a level that defies logic. Astrid wants to say yes to the sexy Kane. But the guy who stole her heart and then shattered her soul twelve years ago shows up. Seeing the Dragon magus, Zannis, again ignites a wild physical attraction, but doesn’t eliminate her simmering hatred. Astrid is torn between her physical need for Zannis and her emotional connection to Kane.

Kane will never turn his back on Astrid, even when she gets inducted into the Scimitar magi, an organization he knows well and respects. His gorgeous ex-spy partner might push him away at every turn, but that’s too bad. He’s exactly the man she needs to protect her life and her heart.  All he has to do is convince her that when something feels this right you don’t let it go.

“The ultimate kick-ass female heroine… The gods were AMAZING!!!… I loved this book!” -Reading…Dreaming

“I definitely didn’t see the Kane-Astrid-Zannis love triangle turning out the way that it did, but it was utterly fantastic!” – Pure Jonel

“It had a Dark-Hunter (by Sherrilyn Kenyon) type feel to it…a lot of action, some schmexy times with the hero and heroine and a group of characters that were hard not to like.” – Cocktails and Books

“I really enjoyed their story and there is so much of it in this book…a fantastic read.” – She Hearts Books


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