Game Lords #1




Tori Duarte’s big dreams to be a video game designer…well, they haven’t panned out. And a girl’s gotta eat. Enter: the Stadium, a secretive video game gambling ring. As a world ranked eGamer, winning should be cake. Until it’s not. Gambling debts suck her in deep.

A chance encounter with the media shy, ridiculously handsome video game CEO Noah Harrison offers her a way out. The deal: 1) Assist the FBI to catch the underworld eGaming kingpin (doable but dangerous). 2) Keep the FBI connection secret by pretending to date Noah (not optional but keeping it PG is problematic).

What neither expects is an explosive chemistry that’s more than convincing—it’s sizzling. Falling for each other is the most dangerous thing they could do…

“The plot kept me hooked and gripped and I loved it!”  A Book Haven

“Off Her Game was a fast-paced, fun enjoyable story; wonderful couple, great secondary characters, as well as filled with excitement and suspense. Great start to this new series…” – The Reading Cafe

“Let’s take a minute right now to fan girl over the wonderfulness that was Noah.” -Smada’s Book Smack

WHOA!! OFF HER GAME by Zoe Forward was Absolutely Amazing and Entertaining that kept you on the Edge of Your Seat!!” – Goodreads reviewer






There wasn’t a way to climb on the motorcycle with grace. Being a shorty sucked. She tucked her purse under an arm, hiked a leg, exposing all the way up her thigh to straddle the Ducati. About half of the dragon tattoo that trekked up her inner leg showed before she tucked her dress tight.

“That was a dragon.” He said it in a way she couldn’t tell if it was a question or comment.

“I’ve got a few of them.” Got yourself a good look, did you?No giggling. A firm lip compression kept any noise from escaping.She could’ve flashed less skin, but she’d wanted him to look. Call it payback for making her put on this helmet.

“How many do you have?” His stupefied fascination was so adorable that a small giggle noise escaped her. She cleared her throat to hide it.

“I’m not sure I know you well enough yet to have a tattoo discussion, Noah.”

“Right. Shit, this date is a train wreck, isn’t it?”

A laugh burst free. “Then thank God it’s not real. For future reference, ink discussions involve showing. Mine are in spots that require lack of clothes. Show-and-tell costs some talented tongue action first.”