Have you ever been inspired by a single picture? Something you saw and it clicked? For me, I’d love to say it was a beautiful gallery painting or a breathtaking piece of architecture, but it wasn’t. It was this image of Bennedict Cumberbatch. No, I wasn’t cyber stalking his fan pages. But I will admit to reading some esoteric facts about the Star Trek Into Darkness movie, because I’m an unabashed super fan. I ran across this picture while writing a novel in my Keepers of the Veil paranormal romance series. This was him. This was Alexi Jovec from His Witch to Keep personified – super hot-ty hot and mysterious with a twist of internal conflict. He’s not exactly good, but also not quite pure evil He’s both while struggling to do what he thinks is right. Perfect.
The entire second book came from the angsty, troubled cast pic.
Have you ever been inspired by a single picture?
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