The writer who works without her brain going ten ways at once with her butt in the chair in front of the blank screen is a unicorn (and my hero). There’re cats riding Roombas to see, political insanity to catch up on, book promotion business and a zillion friends who’ve done something last night and need recognition.
Writing is a lonely, self-motivated sport. Synthesizing new words out of thin air takes serious focus.
Today’s blog is an exercise for me to identify, honestly, those things that are my weakness. I’m not saying doing so will help me put them out of my brain when I’m in front of the screen with a blinking cursor… but a girl’s gotta have dreams. What pulls me away from writing?
10. Pets. 2 dogs, 3 cats… They’re cute, furry and really don’t care what else is going on in your life. They need  a lot of love.
9. Cleaning.  No further comment needed. Although I did comment.
8. Reading. It’s important for research, right? And it’s fun.
7. Tidy the workspace. This is always… I mean always on the list of “ways to eliminate distraction” but how about when it, itself, becomes distraction?
6. Errands. Dentist, dry cleaner, meet the plumber, schedule appointments for every spare moment that I’m not doing the day job (which isn’t writing).
5. Food.
4.  TV.
3. Internet. Surfing, posting, applauding, reading. And shopping sales. Did I already say shopping?
2. Internet. Diddo of #3. My favorite recommendation others say about“eliminating distractions” is to turn off the WiFi. As if it’s not as easy to turn back on. So, that solution isn’t working for me.
1.  The kids. Adore them. Would die for them. But they’re bad for productivity. Someone’s got to tote them places, entertain, clean, cook and shop. Generally kids mean you’re never alone while they’re awake.
Way more important than a list of what pulls me away from writing.
For me, dedicated space is the golden ticket. I’ve spent more nights in a closet or uncomfortable
chair in the dark trying to get words written (since my writing moment is 10pm-1am).  With a simple desk, which right now is a table with one shoddy leg that squeaks like a chipmunk in a cat’s mouth, I’ve got focus. And headphones to play something to keep me from hearing ambient noises.

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