Wowzers…Hooked on a Witch is a finalist for the prestigious Prism Award in urban fantasy romance.
So honored to be recognized amongst such great authors.

Did you miss this one? It’s a stand-alone with a lot of magical elements.

The witch hunter cannot fall for the witch…
Pleiades witch Shannon Randolph has been framed for a theft she didn’t do. She has one week to return a stolen relic to the god it belongs or she will be executed. What’s worse? Evil magic-wielding wackos are coming out of the woodwork after her to get it. But the biggest danger is Merck. This sexy, dangerous witch-hunter who understands all forms of magic might be her only hope. Enlisting his help may require she be a very naughty witch.

The moment Shannon strolls back into Jason Merck’s life he’s in trouble. There’s something about the witch he can’t resist, but he must. The witch hunter cannot fall for 


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