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His Witch To Keep  
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A final cut popped the zip tie around her wrists. She stepped into him and pressed her knife against his dark shirt, targeting the vulnerable area near his belly button. She glanced upward and grinned, enjoying his surprise. “Was I the last woman to drive you to your knees with desire? Can’t stand not knowing if it was the same for me?”
Memory of her mouth on him and of him crying out her name skittered through her mind. She shoved her body’s wicked desire into a dark corner of her brain.
“You think I can’t disarm you of that toy?” Humor swirled in that statement, but respect reflected in his gaze.
His head moved toward hers. Her body screamed hallelujah at the possibility of him taking this to the next level. He whispered near her ear, “Will you come away with me tonight?”
The question dripped with suggestion.
 Images of the last time he’d whispered that, of when she’d accepted, slideshowed angles of his sculpted naked perfection in her mind. Her body voted a resounding hell yes. Her brain spat out, absolutely not. She shook her head and dropped the knife away from his abdomen. She wouldn’t hurt him. But she refused to give in again to this insane reaction her body reserved for him.

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