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His palm curled around her lower jaw with a touch that was gentle but controlling. In a raw voice, he rasped, “Please, rescind it.”
Her lids popped open. She asked with a deceptive calm. “Rescind what?”
His body tensed against hers.
She glimpsed the barely restrained desire eating at him. His gaze slid to the chain around her neck and followed its path down to where it disappeared into her dress. Evidence of his arousal pressed tight against her abdomen.
She swallowed, knowing she should tell him to back off, but couldn’t voice the words through the desire clogging her throat. Defeating his iron control challenged her. Rational thought fled. She wanted to tempt him. To push his control over the edge. She arched her back until her breasts rubbed his starched shirt.
His breath hitched, then came in irregular pants. She bit back a smile. “This is insane,” she murmured. She yanked her hands from his grip with surprising ease and fit them around the back of his head to draw him to her lips.
He murmured, “Not as insane as how much I want you.” And resumed kissing her.
Protecting His Witch  
 Keepers of the Veil Series Book 1
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