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“Hey, Bella,” Kane rumbled in his gritty voice. He only used her middle name when worried, usually after she disregarded his advice and got injured. His levelheaded gaze promised everything she wished for from a man. He would protect her with his life, make her laugh when needed, and promised ultra hot sex.
She wished her heart belonged fully to him. But that fickle organ and its ability to love had died years ago. Countless times she’d been tempted to succumb to the magnetism zinging between them and steal that promised satisfaction. But he deserved everything from her, not just a superficial piece. “How long have you been here?” Her eyes roamed up his strong forearm to the biceps that guaranteed a powerful embrace.
“A while.”
“Thanks.” Her chest squeezed when she took in his messy blond crew cut and the lines etched at the corners of his eyes, which were darkened by exhaustion. The shadow of stubble highlighted his squared off chin. Unshed tears burned her eyes for what he wanted to give her, and that she couldn’t accept. She slowly pulled her hand from his and sighed out, “Kane.”
“You aren’t supposed to fight dragons without me. I thought we agreed you weren’t going to do crazy anymore,” he said.
Scimitar Magi Series Book 3
Darkness Unbound  
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