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Dawn of a Dark Knight  
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“Watch out,” Kira shrieked as a four-door import pulled alongside the SUV. The driver targeted Ashor with a gun.
“Down,” Ashor commanded. He dodged the firing muzzle and grabbed Kira forward to avoid the bullet’s path. The bullet left clean holes in the side windows and a spiderweb of cracked glass.
“Persistent bastards,” Ashor grumbled as he jammed the SUV into gear and rammed the car next to them before peeling away. Just as they hit the road, Ashor’s new cell phone squealed in a high-pitched, synthetic, musical noise.
“You okay?” he asked, ignoring the phone. To clear his side view, Ashor thrust his elbow through the spiderweb of cracked safety glass. Glass cubes showered everywhere. “Shit.” He wiped his body free of debris.
“I’m fine,” she replied. She whiplashed into the seat as the SUV was rammed forward.
Ashor tapped the brakes. The cars crashed together again, slamming them forward and then forcefully back in their seats.
“Can’t you do a spell or something to protect this car or make his explode?” Kira asked.
“What? No.”
“Aren’t you a magus, which implies magician or sorcerer? You guys are supposed to do magic spells.”
“The spells were lost.” His phone rang again.
“Lost? What kind of moronic organization loses the spells!”
Scimitar Magi Series Book 1
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